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Chastity Belt Prototype

Reimagination Chastity

When developing a Genderlock chastity belt,
the two worlds of design and function must be combined.

During the design phase, attention is paid to a clean exterior in order to meet the discretion requirements of a Genderlock cb.

A Genderlock cb is more than a useful tool for drive control, it is also a designer piece that can also be openly shown.


The three criteria of a Genderlock cb are already complied with in the design phase.

The chastity belt should be secure, comfortable and inconspicuous.

First, a 3D model is created on the computer. Here we can already simulate whether the locking mechanisms work and whether the padlock can be integrated well.


After that, a model prototype is printed out on a 3D printer. This model is then tried out for several days.

Uncomfortable spots and weak points in the material can already be identified. A violent break-out is also attempted in which one or the other prototype has already broken down.

After that, the prototype is improved with the new knowledge and testing starts again. A Genderlock chastity belt can only be produced after all defects have been eliminated.

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