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  • When will it be possible to buy a gender lock chastity belt?
    The idea of creating my own chastity belt, which can be worn comfortably every day and is also absolutely escape-proof, was initially intended as a pure leisure project. Due to the overwhelming feedback and the positive messages on Instagram, I decided to start a business and also offer my chastity belts for sale. However, this also means that I don't just have to build a single prototype. I also have to find the ways and means for series production. At the moment, in addition to my main job, I am working in the evenings on the development of the perfect chastity belt. My goal is still to have sold the first chastity belt by the end of 2023!
  • How much will a chastity belt cost?
    At the moment I am working on two different chastity belt variants. A chastity cage for men and a chastity belt for men and women. The chastity cage will of course be much cheaper than the chastity belt due to its design. The final price for both depends on several factors: 1. The expected production number. Larger quantities can be produced more cheaply. 2. The production methods. A 3D print costs more than an injection molded part. 3. The quality. For me there are no compromises here. I want a high-quality product that works perfectly even after frequent use and gives pleasure for a long time. I'm still looking for ways and means for series production and so I can only give a rough estimate of where the price for the end product will be: A chastity cage is expected to cost between €100 and €300. A chastity belt is expected to cost between €500 and €800.
  • Where can I buy the chastity belt?
    Once the development is complete it will be possible to purchase the chastity cage and chastity belt on this website At the same time, the products are also sold through selected erotic shops. Here it will also be possible to look at the chastity belts before buying them.
  • How can I support the project?
    If you have criticism, requests or suggestions, I would be happy to receive a short message via the contact form. At the end of 2023 I would like to start a second crowdfunding attempt.
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