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Natural upward position.

Do not bend your penis unnaturally downward. With the Genderlock Model-E your penis lies where it should be. Anatomically upwards, of course. Regardless of whether you have an erection or not, the cb is always comfortable to wear and offers you the necessary security.


With a twist. connected.

The penis tube and the cock ring are simply put together and connected with a twisting movement. This keeps the two parts in position and makes it easier to attach the locking bridge.



The bridge completes the chastity cage. This part is pushed on from below and ensures a secure connection between the penis tube and the ring. The bridge pushes the testicles apart, making it difficult to pull them out. Try which bridge suits you best.


Locked securely.

And to ensure that you are securely locked, the bridge can be secured on the underside with a U-lock. The possibility of self-satisfaction is effectively prevented. The chastity belt provides confidence on business trips and in long-distance relationships. Sexual abstinence increases desire, inspires erotic fantasies and intensifies subsequent orgasms.


more individualization options.

With the accessories available later, you will be able to further customize your CB-E to suit your needs.

1. Genderlock is purely a hobby project at the moment.

2. The CB-E is currently in its final stage of development and is not available for purchase at the moment


Female Chastity Belt


Development report 2023

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