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Development report 2023


Since I received a lot of positive feedback on my last development report, I would like to inform about developments again this year and try to give another outlook on the future.

Like last year, I have summarized the report into individual chapters. Here you can also jump directly to the individual chapters that interest you most:

A few personal words

Chastity belt reimagined

Development report CB-E

Development outlook

Unfortunately, this year I had a little less time than originally planned.

But something still happened:


The first crowdfunding attempt ended in January. However, the set financing target was not achieved. That's why I didn't dare to take the step into self-employment and all the money I had collected up to that point went back to the supporters.


However, this also meant that Genderlock had to continue to be a hobby project.

The investment amount would have been too large for me to be able to offer an affordable full chastity belt. For example, the production of the injection mold for the Model D front shell alone would have cost over €13,000.

But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up on my dream.

Instead, I thought of a new path.

I'm going to take a step back and do something smaller.

Before I can produce an extremely complex full chastity belt and possibly sell it later, I have once again dedicated myself to further developing the chastity cage.


A few personal words

Genderlock is purely a hobby project at the moment. Of course, it could become more one day, but at the moment I don't have the means to start series production. I get requests almost every day when and where you can buy a Genderlock-KG and I would be only too happy to fulfill this wish. However, I currently see no possibility of doing this without a sponsor or alternative financing. As most of you probably know, I've tried crowdfunding before. Unfortunately without success, which I can certainly understand. I would probably not financially support a project for which there were no reports from independent test persons. I would still like to thank all supporters. Since the financing goal was not reached, the funds collected have now been returned to you.



I find chastity belts fascinating in many ways and I also find it exciting to rethink things. And when I showed some pictures on Instagram, I also realized how many people share this passion. I really enjoy sharing this development with you here. But one day I would also like to give back more than these reports and a few beautiful rendered images.


Before I can produce a very complex full KG, I will now continue with something simpler.

With a penis cage.

And I came up with this one from scratch:


Dev-Report personal words
Dev-Report reimagined

Chastity cage reimagined

I didn't just want to copy the principle of a penis clamp, I wanted to try a completely new approach. I've had the plans for this in my head for a while now.

I simply questioned the fact why the penis is held downwards in the chastity cage.

I always had the problem that when I had an erection in the cb, the bulge in my pants became very large, which also made the cb easier to see. In addition, when an erection occurred, the cage always pulled very hard on the testicles. I realize that this is a good thing for some wearers, as it can also serve as a punishment for an erection. For me, however, the cb is a tool for self-control and my top priority is always to be inconspicuous.

If the penis is stiff, it is most comfortable to place it on the left, right or straight up.

So I've been thinking about how to safely contain an upward-pointing penis, whether with or without an erection.


So I imagined a chastity device with an upward-facing tube that could be secured with a lock.

The new model CB-E


Chastity Cage Model E

Development began with the construction of several ergonomic models.

These were basically simple tubes with different diameters and lengths.

And since this tube would end up lying in front of the stomach, I also tested how hard these tubes could be flattened in order to better hide them and at the same time ensure a certain level of comfort. At this point I had also already experimented with openings for ventilation and the possibility of attaching a waist belt.

In order to be able to hide the tubes even better under clothing, I also designed prototypes that had a much larger basic volume. This made it possible to hide the tubes even better from the stomach. However, I then remembered my additional goal of designing a much less complex cb, which is why I initially discarded this idea and may take it up again at a later date.

I printed these ergonomic models with the 3D printer and tested them extensively.

Once I found the right tube shape, I was able to think about how I could securely fix the penis in the tube.

Dev-Report Model E

The principle is similar to a conventional penis cage. The penis is passed through a ring together with the testicles and by connecting it to the penis tube it can no longer be pulled out of the ring. However, since the tube is now located where the lock would normally be attached, the lock must be attached in a different location. To put it simply, I just reversed the locking principle and the lock is now on the underside.


So the penis tube is connected to the cock ring and this prevents the penis from being pulled out? Well, it wasn't all that easy. If you look at a conventional penis cage, it is only safe if the distance between the cock ring and the tube is so small that the testicles can no longer be pulled through this gap. However, this gap does not exist in a tube that points upwards.

So I added another component to create this narrow gap and thereby make the chastity cage secure. A bridge between the penis tube and the ring. This component connects the two parts together and can also be secured with a lock. This makes the chastity cage lockable. As an additional side effect, the testicles are separated in the middle, which is also visually very nice to look at.


I tried out a few variations based on this principle. With the lock at the front or bottom. The penis tube connected directly to the ring, then through an additional joint, then to plug. Likewise the bridge part, either plugged in or movable. A few variants later I had a version with a lock on the bottom and a connection combination of plug and joint.


In principle, I now had a fully functional chastity cage at this point.

However, a few details still needed to be revised before it could be ready for series production.

First of all, I wanted to improve the handling a little, until now it was a very fiddly affair to hold the three components together and ultimately connect them with a lock. It also happened very quickly that you could get pinched between two components. However, I had already gained experience with this through previous developments and I was able to largely improve the parts through larger distances and larger fillets.


In order to connect the penis tube to the ring, I developed a connection in which the two parts are first inserted into each other and can be secured by turning them 45°. This prevents the parts from accidentally coming loose while the bridge is being attached. In addition, because the tube points upwards, it is also possible to put it on in the event of a possible erection. In addition, the ring diameter becomes slightly narrower due to the 45° twist.


Finally, ventilation was improved and the design was adjusted.

The penis tube itself is now also designed to resemble the penis.

There are also numerous ventilation openings in the tube to make it possible to wear and clean it for longer periods of time.



And like last year, I'm now taking another look into the future:

My next plans are now to complete the development of the Model-E.

There's not much missing, I just want to add a few options to adjust the ring diameter.

After that I will take care of a business.

As a reminder: Genderlock is currently purely a hobby project, and by German law I am not allowed to sell anything in large quantities without a business.

Once that is done, I also plan to complete the development of the already very advanced CB-A. And there will also be at least three extensions to the CB-E that you can already discover on the product page

I also have a few simple ideas that don't necessarily have anything to do with chastity, but in which I'm also very interested. However, I don't want to reveal too much yet.

And then there is the CB-D, which is much anticipated by many.

As already mentioned at the beginning, this is a very expensive development, but one that I really want to complete. Exactly what happens next also depends a bit on how everything will develop here in the next few months.

I am definitely very grateful for the great support and the 99% positive feedback that I receive by email and on Instagram. And I would like to apologize for not being able to respond to the many questions far too often.


Development report 2022


Introducing Model-E

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