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Development report 2022


Half a year ago I presented my first idea of a perfect chastity belt on Instagram.

Today more than 3000 people have informed themselves about my vision on this website.

I would therefore like to take the opportunity to provide detailed information about past developments

and to give an outlook on what is yet to come.

I am currently working on two chastity belt variants:

A chastity cage for men (model A)

A chastity belt for men and women (model D)

This is a very detailed report summarizing the development of the last five years.

Here you can also jump directly to the individual chapters that interest you the most:

Development report chastity cage

Development report chastity belt

Customization chastity belt

Development Outlook

Support Opportunities

Dev-Report Model A

Chastity Cage Model A

I had the first idea for a chastity cage five years ago.

In 2019 I started building my first drafts as a 3D model.

The basic idea was relatively simple, as with all chastity cages, the penis and testicles are pushed through a ring and when the penis tube is put on, the chastity cage can no longer be removed.

The system is known to work very reliably, but most chastity cages are also very noticeable under clothing.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for me in everyday life.

Two factors were particularly disturbing for me:

1. Most penis tubes point too far forward

2. The lock on the top also builds upwards and is very clearly recognizable due to its distinctive shape.


Both of these problems were relatively easy to fix.

As with "tucking", a non-erect penis can be bent backwards and tucked unobtrusively between the legs.

So the penis tube just had to have exactly this shape, and I also used the mostly available space under the penis to hide the annoying lock right there.

The testicles are pulled apart and carried sideways next to the penis tube.

The result: a beautifully smooth front, so unobtrusive that you can also equip yourself in the women's lingerie department in the future.

There were still a few difficulties during development.

Thanks to the many prototypes, I was able to gradually eliminate these problems.

In the meantime I've reached the 7th prototype and I'm close to a perfect result.

The first draft consisted of four individual parts that had to be put together in a complicated way. However, less is more here and so there are now only two halves, connected by a hinge.

As well as a component for individual adjustment to the size of the penis.


With the last version, there was still the danger of getting caught between these two shells.

I increased the spacing and this problem was solved.

As a positive side effect, this has also improved ventilation.

Furthermore, I've held on to a conventional padlock for far too long, which has always been very difficult to reach with the key.

The current version therefore uses a locking bolt that is inserted on the side.


At the moment I have paused the work on the chastity cage to fully concentrate on the completion of the first chastity belt.


Chastity Belt Model D

The development of the chastity belt brought with it completely different challenges. In principle, the chastity belt is worn tightly around the waist, which is why I was able to do without clasping the penis shaft like with the chastity cage. In addition, this type of closure also offers the possibility of developing a model for women or people without a penis.

Again it was the three criteria: comfortable, unobtrusive and safe that had to be considered when finding the form. If you look at most chastity belts, they are relatively comfortable to wear and also escape-proof, but they are very noticeable in tight clothing. I found the locks, which are usually located at the front below the navel or on the side of the hip, to be relatively impractical.

The goal was defined and I could start with the development.

Dev-Report Model D

I started with the development as I did with the chastity cage five years ago.

First I started with a very simple design for the front shell.

It didn't had any functionality yet. I was all about the ergonomics. How big does a bowl have to be to comfortably accommodate a penis and testicles?

My first investment was therefore also a 3D printer so that I could print out test models myself very early on.

The perfect shell shape was found relatively quickly, it was comfortable and unobtrusive.

The first development was practically like a groin guard to put in the underwear.

The hip belts were then added to the second development.

So the previous design was supplemented with openings for it.

At that time, used tension belts, which I attached to the front shell, served as a temporary solution.

The locking system on the back was also used here for the first time.

This allowed for a much simpler design of the front. The closure worked well, an integrated padlock reliably held the two waist straps and the crotch strap together.

However, the overall result was rather disappointing, although it was enough to keep the shell in place. However, this solution was absolutely not escape-proof. The straps were just too low and could be pulled down relatively easily. So I had to rework the front shell again. So that the side straps would be above the hips.


The third stage of development had a completely new front shell design.

The shell has grown significantly and now went further towards the navel.

This made it more difficult to take off the chastity belt.

For the first time it was also possible to test a prototype a little longer.

After a week, two new problems became apparent:

1. The hip belts were too thin and left obvious signs of wear on the skin.

2. There was no way to clean yourself when it was locked.

With the fourth prototype I solved exactly this cleaning problem.

Water could be injected through openings on the front, which could then be evenly distributed around the penis through integrated channels in the 3D printed part and clean the pee canal.


The fifth prototype marks a milestone in chastity belt development.

On the one hand, I used wide hip belts for the first time, which were much more comfortable to wear.

In addition, I had completely revised the complete closure concept at this stage of development.

The padlock fell out and was replaced with a locking bolt. This had several advantages:

1. The closure was much more stable and can no longer be "blown up" even with force.

2. By inserting the locking bolt halfway, the hip belts can first be connected and then the crotch strap can also be additionally secured by fully inserting the locking bolt.

Also, for the first time, there was an attachment point on the back where additional accessories could be attached. More on this later in the chapter Customizability.

In addition to the now much more comfortable hip belts, padding around the front shell was also planned for the first time. The wearing comfort was thereby once again significantly improved.


The chastity belt is currently in the sixth stage of development.

For the first time I started designing two different chastity belts tailored for men and women.

While there is a tube for the penis in the men's model, the women's model is additionally padded above the vulva. This not only guarantees a comfortable fit, but also helps to keep the chastity belt clean when urinating.

In addition, a window can also be used on the women's model, which provides interesting insights.

The width of the upholstery has doubled in this version compared to the predecessor.

The first requirements regarding manufacturability were also taken into account in this development.

In the end, the individual parts of the cb are manufactured using the most suitable method in each case.

This will be a combination of 3D printing, plastic injection molding and vacuum casting.

The most recent wear tests have shown that the front shell can be pulled up a little further and that the volume of the shell can be reduced a little more. Due to the recent changes to the upholstery, the cb has become thicker than absolutely necessary.

More on this later in the Development Outlook chapter.


Chastity Belt Model D

Every person is different. It is therefore impossible to have just one chastity belt size.

So that the chastity belt still fits perfectly, it offers numerous options for customizing it to suit your own needs.

And so that the cb is escape-proof, comfortable to wear and not noticeable under clothing,

it has to fit perfectly.

Starting with the hip belts, these are the most important. They have to be so tight to the body that the locked chastity belt can no longer be pushed down. In the front shell there are two spools with which the length of the straps can be adjusted independently. This only works when the cb is open.

So, adjust the length, wear a test and if the chastity belt is too loose, open it again and readjust.

Individual CB-D

Next comes the crotch strap.

This is actually not a belt, but rather a coated steel cable.

There are basically two variants to choose from.

1. A continuous steel cable.

2. A steel cable with a ring around the anus.

The length of the steel cable can be adjusted with a screw at the bottom of the front shell.

This screw can also only be reached when the cb is unlocked.

The procedure is the same as for the hip belts.

Setting, testing, readjusting.

It should also be ensured that the butt opening is in the right place.

Attention: Adjusting the crotch strap can also affect the position of the hip straps.

The perfect fit is essential and it should be adjusted accordingly.


But there are many more ways to adapt the chastity belt to your own needs.

In the male cb, the penis module will be interchangeable:

- This allows the diameter and length of the penis tube to be freely selected.

- You can also choose between a completely closed tube or a grid structure for better ventilation.

- Different materials will be added later. plastic and metal.

With the women cb there are different viewing windows:

- very classic, with an opening at the deepest point.

- or with the possibility of attaching a hose

Various dildos and plugs can be attached to the crotch straps:

- These also differ in size, shape and material.

- There will be normal closed plugs, but also some with tunnel openings

Various accessories can also be attached to the rear locking module:

- So far these are different tails (ponyplay)

- Playful bows and ribbons for sissys or feminization

- Or very practical, eyelets to either fix the hands on the cb or to secure the complete chastity belt on a wall bracket.


Chastity Belt Model D

Before I give an outlook on what's to come next, I would like to take this opportunity to first thank my really very active community.

I get new messages almost every day with criticism, wishes and suggestions.

I am incredibly grateful to you for that. 

A lot flows directly into the current development, much will come at a later date.

But I really read through all the submissions, be it on Instagram or via the contact form on this website.

Of course, I am still looking forward to numerous valuable submissions in the future.

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ first to see if I haven't already answered the question there.

If not, feel free to send me a message here.

Below I offer you the opportunity to support me in my work.

How is the development going now?

The chastity belt could be extensively tested in its sixth stage of development.

It has been shown that the front shell has become a bit too thick, also due to the now softer padding.

This no longer corresponds to the claim of discretion and it must be improved.

1. About 1cm of material will be removed from the front of the shell.

Don't worry, there will still be enough space underneath for the penis and testicles.

The upholstery is not changed.

2. In addition, I would like to extend the bowl by another 3cm so that the shaping can begin even earlier and is therefore even less conspicuous.

3. The connection of the hip belts will also be moved upwards.

4. The cleaning port will be integrated into the design of the pee opening so as not to spoil the clean look of the front shell.

5. Ventilation openings are integrated inconspicuously between the padding and the front shell.

6. The original front closure system is coming back.

The previous locking system on the back has proven itself very well, it is secure and ensures a clean front. However, putting it on is not that easy, especially if you are alone.

The front closure solves this problem, but also requires additional openings in the front shell for the integrated locks.

In the end there will be both closure variants to choose from.

Of course for the men's and also the women's model.

7. The pee opening will become interchangeable.

I received a lot of requests for a vagina design or cameltoe design.

It will therefore be possible to customize this area as well.

The lower pee opening can be removed and adapted to your own needs by attaching different vagina shapes.

The security of the chastity belt will be not affected at any time.

8. And last but not least, there will be some colors to choose from.

Here, too, there is a free choice between strikingly bright colors (I received the most requests for pink) and subtle skin tones. This allows the chastity belt to be adjusted to your own skin tone, which makes it even more inconspicuous if it should peek out from under your underwear.

9. After these points have been implemented, another test phase begins.

The test candidates I have selected cover the widest possible spectrum of different figure types.

Due to the high degree of customization, the chastity belt should fit everyone.

No matter if man or woman, big or small, thick or thin.

10. After the test phase is completed, I will either improve or start series production.

11. I will provide extensive information about the current development status on Instagram and here on this website.


Support Opportunities

That was the report of what has already happened and what will come in the future.

I have invested a lot of my free time in my vision of a perfect chastity belt over the last few years.

I have also invested in 3D printers, tools, hardware, materials, software and website.

I'm at a turning point now.

By starting on Instagram at the beginning of the year, I decided to share my efforts publicly.

I was overwhelmed by the feedback that followed.

An unbelievable number of prospects who share the same passion as me.

I will not stop developing and testing until I reach my goal.

But you can help decide how long this will all last.

I'm thinking of turning my hobby into my job.

Then I could invest my entire time in the dream of the perfect chastity belt instead of just a few hours a week.

That would shorten the development time enormously!

That's why I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Specifically, my goal is €50,000 ($49,000)

With this money, I would dare to take the step into self-employment.

If we reach the goal you will get:

1. The development of the seventh generation prototype chastity belt.

(Closure system on the front and back for men and women)

2. Start of the test campaign with at least 10 prototypes (5 men's models, 5 women's models)

3. Start of series production in 2023

Even if we don't reach the funding goal, I will continue with the development!

It just takes longer.

But I want to have at least tried it.

Many thanks for the support!

Kind regards



Female Chastity Belt


The Next Steps

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