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The next steps


After I received some questions about whether and how the development of the gender lock chastity belt will continue, I would like to give a short update.

Most of you will already know, but unfortunately the crowdfunding campaign launched last year did not reach its funding goal. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me along the way. The money was intended to speed up development and to finance the tools for series production. Since the risk of failure was too high if the funding goal was not reached, all funds have meanwhile been returned to the supporters.

What does this mean for the timetable for chastity belt development?

Since the development is now still taking place during my free time, I cannot achieve the targeted start of production in March 2023.
Nevertheless, the development continues with my limited resources. Out of personal interests, but also in order not to disappoint a community of over 3000 people.

Which models are still being pursued?

The crowdfunding campaign has also shown that the greatest interest is in the men's model with a front closure. Therefore, I will focus on this model instead of developing four different models at the same time. This means that the models for women or with a closure at the back are not off the table. These will follow as soon as the first product is on the market.
I'm also initially concentrating on a working basic model. All the extras such as plugs, dildos, penis tubes, etc. will only come later. But these will fit every model due to the ability to be customized and can be retrofitted.

Does the failed campaign affect the final price?

Another disadvantage of the failed financing is the final cost for a single chastity belt.
I had originally planned to use injection molding to produce individual components such as the front shell. The production of a single injection mold would have cost around €25,000. However, this means that very large quantities can be produced at affordable prices.

However, due to the lack of support, I will now rely on the 3D printing process. Printing using the FDM process is still sufficient for the production of further prototypes. For a sufficient surface quality, however, I rely on the SLS process with subsequent post-processing. However, this will increase the final price little bit.


Will there be another round of financing to enable series production?

In order to still be able to offer a high-quality product at an affordable price, I will make another attempt at financing towards the end of the year.
I can understand the hesitance of many to invest in a product without independent reviews. So now I want to make a few more prototypes and give them to different testers. This allows everyone to get an idea of ​​the chastity belt and possibly invest in the project.

Will there be regular development updates?

Yes and no. Of course I would like to inform you in detail about every development status. I'm happy about the reactions and I think it's also interesting to follow the current developments up close. However, I will be very careful about the details I present to avoid possible cheap copies.


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